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    Casual Climbers


    Our facility features several different climbing areas, each one specifically designed to accommodate varying levels of experience and ability. Beginners are welcome, and no experience is required to climb. During your first visit, a Rockface staff member will provide you with a safety induction and brief orientation that will get you started safely.

    Casual Climbing


    • I’ve never done this before. What do I have to wear?

      Welcome! You’re going to love climbing. Just wear anything you’d normally exercise in. You’ll be at height, so no kilts, even if that’s your thing.

    • Do I need to book?

      Is it just you and a friend or two? Then there’s no need to book. Even if it’s your first visit to Rockface, you’re welcome to show up any time. You will need to complete our one-time enrollment on our in-house iPad, before you can start climbing or belaying, and you will be given a short safety induction before you get on the walls.

      If there are more than six people in your group, we ask you to book by email: or call us: (08) 9240 1267.

      It’s quite possible we can accommodate your group even at short notice, but we appreciate the heads up.

    • How long does a session last? Is there a time limit?

      All entries are day passes. That means you can stay as long as you like, and even come and go throughout the day – if you’d like to go out for some lunch, you can return to burn off the calories!

      Typically, most people stay for about two hours. For that reason, if you book a birthday party with us, we allocate you a table for a two hour period.

    • I want to bring my child in. How old do they have to be?

      We don’t have a minimum age for climbers; and have a few full-body harnesses for very small children. Our friendly staff can help to ease your child into climbing, so that they never feel too far outside their comfort zone. Ultimately, you know your child better than us – it’s often temperament, rather than age, that decides whether they’ll enjoy the experience!

      We do have a minimum belaying age of 11 years. That means your child cannot secure the rope for another climber if they have not yet had their 11th birthday.

      If your child is a natural or falls in love with climbing (like we have), we offer kids classes on a term basis.

    • Can we bring our own food?

      You sure can. We sell some yummy snacks and cold drinks, but feel free to bring in something more substantial. You can even get an UberEats order delivered.


    Our Registration Form is required if this is your first time climbing at our centre. To get you on the walls faster, please register online prior to attending your session. The registration is also available at the front counter on our iPads.

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