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Your safety is very important to us. All new climbers to our gym are given instruction in the use of all safety equipment; this takes a few minutes.

Should you have any concerns, our friendly staff will be available to assist you further until you are confident with the equipment.

We use only 10+mm dynamic climbing rope on all our top-rope routes. Ropes run over ‘slow-go’ pulleys and GRIGRIs which are self locking devices to ensure climbers safety. Professional carpeted gymnastic mats have been installed along the base of our walls to further maximize safety.

We also have an evacuation procedure in place.

View Evacuation Procedure


Rockface increased our insurance to meet the WA School Standard minimum requirement of $20,000,000 Public Liability to cover student outings.

Effective 1st April 2015

Please email for a copy of our current Public Liability Certificate.

Gym Rules

  • All climbers and belayers must complete a Rockface Enrolment Form.
  • No person is permitted to do anything which will injure, or increase the
    likelihood of injury to, themselves or anyone else in the gym.
  • You may belay only after training by a Rockface staff member. You must not
    instruct, or accept instruction from, other Rockface patron.
  • Climbers must wear appropriate footwear when climbing.
  • Climbers must climb as close as practicable directly up your rope line.
  • Climbers must not traverse to far left or right.
  • You must buddy check each other every climb – karabiners must both be
    clipped correctly and locked.
  • Belayers must clip into the belay.
  • Belayers must pay attention to their climber at all times, keeping slack out of
    the live rope at all times.
  • Belayers must lower climbers in a slow and controlled manner, exercising
    care for other patrons nearby.
  • Do not boulder above the 2nd panel on top-rope walls.
  • Be aware of lead climbers being lowered around the gym.
  • Climbers using their own equipment must ensure it is suitable for the
    intended purpose and in a safe condition.
  • “Caution route setter” signs must be adhered to and kept clear of.
  • You must be approved by a Rockface staff member to lead climb.
  • Belayers must be standing while belaying.
  • Parents/Guardians are to ensure no running or horseplay by their children
    whilst at Rockface.
  • You must use a spotter on the bouldering walls.
  • If you are not climbing you must remain off the mats at all times to ensure
    everyone’s safety.
Rockface Indoor Climbing Centre

Rockface Indoor Climbing Centre