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    Corporate Team Building Perth

    Finding an activity that motivates, builds trust and develops communication skills is not an easy task.

    Contact Rockface’s Corporate Manager today to find out how we can help. Get out of the stuffy conference room and up the walls at Rockface for your next Corporate Team Building event! Create months of motivation through bringing your people together in a problem-solving environment that requires both trust and communication skills to solve.

    Corporate Team Building

    Make it even more fun – invite the kids along too for a big happy family day that really helps people get to know each other. Shedding formality and getting physically active in a safe and comfortable environment, your group will appreciate getting out of the office or stuffy conference room to explore their abilities as a team. Rock climbing is fun and challenging, and it’s suitable for all age groups. No previous climbing experience is necessary; our enthusiastic staff will show you the ropes. That is why we have built our corporate team building exercises with special activities to improve interaction and socialisation.

    A typical corporate team building afternoon involves:

    • Lots of climbing for everyone
    • Group activities run by one of our facilitators
    • BYO food option.

    Rockface is located just off the Mitchell Fwy in Balcatta, with ample, free, on-site parking. We can organise catering to enhance your event, or you are welcome to arrange this yourself.

    If you’re tempted to push your team’s limits and have lots of fun in the process, please contact us on 0452 410 477 or by email to discuss available corporate team building programs and customisation to your needs.

    Rockface Indoor Climbing Centre

    Rockface Indoor Climbing Centre