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    Personal Trainer Dave Barretto at Rockface

    Dave Barretto started rock climbing in 2012 and was unaware of how much of an impact it would have on his life

    He started studying exercise & health science at UWA in 2013 and is due to complete his studies in 2016. He is also a qualified Master Trainer from The Australian Institute of Fitness. Dave’s experience as an Instructor, both on the climbing floor and in various climbing courses, has helped him to realize his great ability at motivating others. Regardless of your abilities, Dave will take the time to interpret your needs and set you on the pathway to achieving your goals.


    “I have been teaching climbing for a few years now and what I have learned is that everyone has their own battles. Not every issue can be solved by strength alone. Some battle with fear of heights. Some battle with a lack of confidence or lack of understanding. Many battle with a lack of patience! But with the right perspective and the right tools, any of these obstacles can be overcome. I believe that when you are given the language to understand and describe your movement, you are capable of analyzing and defeating the challenges that stand in your way.   My Studies at UWA and AIF have given me the insight into the mental and physical aspects of sport and exercise. When I apply this to climbing, I see the mental, technical, and physical attributes necessary in any climber, and once I can identify where certain skills are lacking, it becomes easy to hone those skills into excellence.” 

    Dave specialises in climbing coaching and conditioning where you will train for holistic and balanced development as a climber. If any physical development seems necessary, some exercises may be prescribed at the end of the session. Gym programs can be arranged upon request. If you are looking for just physical training as a climber, you can have your session be entirely strength training without the mental and physical development; but without Dave seeing your climbing abilities, it may be difficult to prescribe the ideal exercise routine. For recreational climbers who are just into rock climbing for the health and fitness aspects, Dave can develop an individual training schedule geared towards building muscle, increasing strength, losing fat, or general cardiovascular fitness.


    “Training with Dave has taught me the importance of synchronising my physical and mental approach to climbing in order to improve my performance. Our PT sessions not only focus on strength and endurance, but equally on body positioning, fluidity, sequencing and visualisation. His coaching has helped me improve my technique and achieve higher grades both indoor and on rock. I now climb with more confidence, stamina and precision and truly believe progress comes from courage, commitment and consistency. His professional yet relaxed style creates a fabulous space to learn, practice and succeed. I would recommend Dave to any climber who wants to perform at their best or needs that extra edge to achieve that elusive project we all dream of sending.” – Tam Mitchell

    “I commenced indoor rock climbing and personal training with Dave in June 2015. Rock climbing never appealed to me before and I believed that it was probably not the right sport to take on for a female who was well into her forties. However it seemed like the best training I could find in Perth for my upcoming mountaineering trip. Before I knew it Dave changed my perception about rock climbing completely. Over the last 7 months of regular training Dave proved to be a dedicated, enthusiastic and motivating trainer. His commitment to his clients is unwavering and no matter how tired, unmotivated or lazy I felt, Dave just does not give up. His boundless energy is infectious and his sense of humour always makes the training sessions great fun. Since I first started, my fitness level and confidence has improved immeasurably and rock climbing has become my true passion. I would not have achieved this without Dave’s guidance. Despite the popular misconception that rock climbing is suitable only for risk takers or super fit gym junkies, it is an exciting sport suitable for everyone. It is a great way of improving health and fitness for those who are willing to try, regardless of their age, gender and the level of fitness. Dave is a suitable trainer for the beginners as well as for those who have done rock climbing before. Anyone who would like to improve their rock climbing techniques, physical fitness, personal strength or confidence, all whilst having fun, Dave is the right person to take on the challenge.” – Anetta Rybak

    “I first met Dave on a techniques course at the climbing gym, and have been training with him for the last six months or so. Dave’s philosophy is rare in climbing and personal training – it’s not so much about the grade you can climb or weight you can lift it’s about how much you enjoy getting up the wall and pushing yourself. This attitude is, in my opinion, what makes Dave such a great PT. He has not only helped me progress my climbing to a level I didn’t think I would ever get to (in a very short timeframe), but has always made sure I’m enjoying the training at the same time. His fantastic knowledge on anatomy and the human body’s range of movement is a compliment of how serious he takes his work, and is no doubt a contributing factor in the success he and I have achieved. On par with the level of climbing I have achieved with Dave is the amount of friendly faces he has introduced me to. This is an extra bonus when training with Dave and is a reflection of his great personality. When needed he motivates and pushes me through weights, cardio and climbing workouts always with a smile and good tunes. My original goal when I started training with Dave was to gain technique and strength to feel more confident when climbing outdoors, he has helped me achieve this but more so has shown me how fun training in itself can be.” – Jon Smales

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